No limits! That’s why!

Hemp is being used in building materials, car interiors, textiles, animal bedding, plastics, body care etc. Even the United States Constitution was originally written on paper which was made from hemp.

hemp seeds
Even for children, hemp is a great source of plant based protein


There are plenty of good nutrients in hemp. Hemp seeds for example are for everybody. Because they contain an almost criminal amount of healthy stuff: Omega 3 and Omega 6, iron, vitamin E, amino acids… and as a bonus, they add some nice flavor, too!

The long run…

Let’s start with the future, our children. Hemp seeds are allergen free, hence it’s a great alternative for example fish or nuts. Children need to get their Omega fatty acids and other vitamins from somewhere, and you probably remember how fish oil tasted when you were a kid? Products from hemp seeds are with a much better taste and make the process of consuming much more likeable. Hemp seed oil for example can be a great additive for even ice cream – giving it a very good nutty taste.

Products from hemp seeds can be a great way to give food a better taste, and make consuming critical necessary nutrients for children very easy and even tasty!

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