Our main focus is to keep the quality high in all our products.

Therefore we have implemented several internal guidelines over the years that we follow to, that help us guarantee high quality. Actually we start our procedures already when choosing the fields where we plan to grow hemp (long before we can even think of processing our final products).

If the soil samples meet our requirements we move forward with planting the seeds. We only use certified seeds.

During the process of growing hemp, we make regular tests and expections of the fields and let nature do its part.

Thanks to our quality department, our customers are never disappointed; once we enter a business relationship, it’s unlikely to end because we’re the ones that continue to raise our standards beyond what our competition can offer.

Food safety

All our final products are laboratory-tested to ensure the safety of our products and keep the quality of our products high. Among other things this is how we guarantee low THC in all our products.

  • We carefully choose the field where we plan to grow hemp
  • The sowing seeds we use are certified
  • All the fields are THC tested (by the government) from the moment the plant starts flowering
  • After harvesting we take the seeds to our facility where we pre-clean the seeds and dry them immediately
  • After pre-cleaning and drying we take the representative sample of the seeds and send it to the laboratory
  • If the results of the analyses meet the demand we start de-hulling of the hemp seeds
  • After de-hulling we make full tests again from the representative sample of the batch

Additionally we are controlled by the food and safety department 2-3 times per year.


All food producers have the responsibility to manage and provide the safety of their products. This is why the BRCGS has been created. The consequences can be serious if the food is unsafe. The food safety management standards are created to help companys identify the hazards that may occur and control them. The BRCGS helps to globalise the standards in the food supply chain and brings people food that they can trust.


In Estonia more than 25% of the land is organic. Thanks to this, it’s very easy to grow organic products. We have been organic certified from the very beginning. All our clients value organic products which is why that’s exactly what we grow and produce. As an organic country we have the possibilites to reach foreign markets all over the world. A clean environment also means better health for everybody.

To ensure the safety of our products, we use the following methods:


Also known as Hazard analysis and critical control points is a systematic preventive approach to food safety. It helps companies to overview all the internal procedures from biological, chemical and physical hazards point of view. This food safety and management tool helps us to guarantee the food safety of our products and systematically identify potential risks. All possible risks and associated risk management measures are described in our HACCP plan.


To be able to offer the best quality on the market we use laboratories on a daily basis. Mainly to ensure the safety and quality of our products. The product may taste, smell or look like there is nothing wrong with it, but to be 100% sure, there is no other way besides ordering tests from a laboratory. We only work with third party laboratories that are widely known and accredited.

Certified seeds

A license is required to grow hemp. When we start the sowing process we only use certified seeds. This helps us to ensure the high quality of our produce. Certified hemp seeds give us the indication what to expect in autumn. The seeds have certain tests already made on them and there are no bad surprises during the growing process.