Our Story

Nordic Hemp Cooperation (former Estonian Organic Protein Cooperation) was founded in 2017 by the 5 biggest hemp farmers in Estonia. In 2018 we built a-state-of-the-art hemp production facility capable of sorting, de-hulling and oil pressing. It is the biggest de-hulling factory in Europe with zero-waste production. Estonia is the 3rd biggest hemp producer in Europe and more than half of our entire country’s harvest is being produced by our members and partners. Total ha more than 6000 per year.

  • Low THC content in all our products
  • Zero waste production
  • Guaranteed raw material supply
  • Hemp is CO2 negative
  • High quality

15 years of growing hemp

We offer a wide range of products ranging from hulled hemp seeds and hemp seed oil to hemp fibre and hemp feed oil. Furthermore, we are one of the few reliable producers of high-quality organic hemp protein 70%. We are certified under ISO 22000 and the Organic label, and sell our products in bulk or under a private label.

To continuously process high-quality hemp products, we also continue to ramp up our supply of hemp year by year. Our goal is to become the biggest hemp producer in Europe in the upcoming years. We may be a small country, but we are known for making big things happen. Also there is a lot of arable land in Estonia, which helps us turn our vision into reality.

From soil and harvest to processing, storage and transport, we strive to provide only the finest, purest and most ethically-sourced hemp on earth.

Organic hemp field of Estonian Nordic Hemp Cooperation in 2021
Nordic Hemp Cooperation organic hemp field in Estonia

Growing hemp

It all started with growing hemp. In Estonia hemp has been grown for a while with the sole purpose of harvesting hemp seeds and selling them abroad. Due to the fact that the farmers’ experience of selling the hemp seeds to foreign countries didn’t go as smoothly as hoped a new idea was born. Our farmers are very good at growing hemp, but are not interested in producing or sales activites. That’s why we built a hemp processing facility and successfully turned an unpleasant experience into a good deal for all parties involved – including our farmers. The farmers are happy growing hemp and we are happy to have a reliable supply of the highest quality. Growing hemp is a win-win scenario in Estonia.


It comes as a surprise to a lot of people, but in Estonia we have lots and lots of arable land. Agriculture has been an important part of our history – hence we have a lot of experienced farmers throughout generations. This is one of the reasons we are one of the leading countries in Europe when it comes to growing hemp. Another fun fact is that more than 22% of land in Estonia is organic. Thanks to our pure Nordic air and nature we have ideal conditions to grow hemp and other cultures. We have no shortage of land when it comes to growing hemp, and this is the key reason we grow more and more hemp every year.


Our farmers have been growing hemp for 15 years, but the know-how has been cultivated in our country for almost an entire century! Thanks to the in-depth experience of our farmers, we know exactly what our crops need every step of the way. Nature can occasionally be difficult to read, but experiences both good and bad have taught them well.  We continue to grow as a cooperation and are always recruiting new growers. Thanks to our experience it’s easy to collaborate with new farmers who are interested in growing hemp.