Estica Planting Seeds

Nordic Hemp Cooperation is an Estonian company that specialises in cultivation, processing and sales of Estica planting seeds. Nordic Hemp was founded in 2017 by the 5 biggest hemp farmers in Estonia. In 2018 we built a-state-of-the-art hemp production facility capable of sorting, de-hulling and oil pressing. It is the biggest de-hulling factory in Europe with zero-waste production. 

Estica oil seed hemp variety is breeded for Central and Nordic Europe climate.
The variety is EU approved and registered
The new variety was registered in the EU catalogue of plant varieties in December 2021. 

Average THC in seeds – 0,4-0,8 mg/kg (requirement by law is below 3mg/kg)
Germination % min – 75%
Bag size: 25kg or in Big-Bags (1000kg+)
Sowing density: 28kg/ha (reccommended)
Big seed size – average above 3mm
Moderate height
Good yield potential

More detailed information about Estica hemp variety you can find -> here.

Estica Planting Seeds

<100kg – 6,55€/kg
<300kg – 6,3€/kg
<1000kg – 6,1€/kg
<2000kg – 5,9€/kg
<5000kg – 5,6€/kg
>5000kg – 5,35€/kg

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Nordic Hemp Cooperation
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About us

Our farmers have been growing hemp for 15 years, but the know-how has been cultivated in our country for almost an entire century! Thanks to the in-depth experience of our farmers, we know exactly what our crops need every step of the way. Nature can occasionally be difficult to read, but experiences both good and bad have taught them well.  We continue to grow as a cooperation and are always recruiting new growers. Thanks to our experience it’s easy to collaborate with new farmers who are interested in growing hemp.

From soil and harvest to processing, storage and transport, we strive to provide only the finest, purest and most ethically-sourced hemp on earth.

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Why grow hemp at all?

  1. Hemp grows successfully on a variety of soils.
  2. It is an excellent crop to include in a crop rotation as it adds diversity and helps to restore soil structure.
  3. There is a high demand for hemp seeds in Europe, and the price of the crop is much more motivating than alternative crops.
  4. Hemp cultivation produces more CO2 than other crops.

Cultivation of hemp has gained momentum in recent years as, many farmers have discovered the positive aspects of this crop. Hemp absorbs carbon dioxide from the air with its large leafy mass, making it an important crop in terms of the green shift. Hemp fields have even been compared to forests in terms of their efficiency in carbon sequestration. Additionally, the roots of the hemp plant reach deeper into the soil, bringing up minerals like potassium and phosphorus, which can be used by subsequent crops planted in the same field. Because of this, hemp is an excellent crop to include in crop rotations, making them more diverse and varied.


As of January 1, 2023, official regulations regarding THC limits in hemp will be in place for the first time in Europe. This is a very interesting law that, on the one hand, allows farmers to now choose from seven times more varieties for cultivation, but on the other hand, further restricts the selection of varieties for hemp cultivation for seed production purposes. The new regulation sets the THC limit for hemp seeds at 3 mg/kg, but the THC limit in the field will increase from 0.2% to 0.3% under the same regulation. While THC can be higher in the field for hemp cultivation, it must be lower in the final product (such as seeds). For example, 0.3% THC in the field is equal to 3000 mg/kg-0.0003% THC, or 3 mg/kg. Therefore, selecting the right variety for hemp cultivation is more important than ever before.

Why? Because selecting the wrong variety can result in THC levels exceeding the limits, and the yield must be sold for approximately four times less.

Which hemp planting seeds to choose for growing?

Miks kasvatada kanepit

Actually, it’s very simple – you need to choose a variety with the lowest possible THC level that has been previously grown in your region and spread the risks.

Over the past five years, Nordic Hemp Cooperation has been part of developing and growing a hemp variety specifically for our climate called “Estica” (approved by the EU and registered in the EU plant variety catalog).

“Estica” differs from the other hemp oil varieties because its THC level is significantly lower. In Europe, the allowed THC content in hemp seeds is 3 mg/kg. While this level remains unreachable for some varieties, the average THC level of “Estica” is only 0.4-0.8 mg over the past five years. Estica hemp seeds also have the advantage of higher yield and larger size, which are easier to process.

While high THC content was the main drawback of other varieties, the results of growing this variety have been consistently the best over the years the association has cultivated it.

The average yield is 0.9-1.3 tons of hemp seeds per hectare and the average THC level over all years is 0.51 mg/kg (the limit is 3 mg/kg).

In short, “Estica” is a safe bet!