Our Services

We have the biggest hemp seed de-hulling factory on the entire continent. Therefore we have managed to acquire a lot of knowledge about our production capacities and opportunities we can offer to our partners.

We are able to sort, de-hull, pre-clean, optically clean and produce different products if needed. For example the purity of our hemp whole seeds is always 99.9% which we use to start de-hulling. We have the machinery to clean the seeds optically so our output is stable.


If you need to sort seeds into different fragments Excell is the best option. Our Excell can sort the seeds for example under 2,5mm in size and over 3mm in size. This is done mainly to separate the big and small seeds, because they have different objectives. Bigger seeds are mainly used in de-hulling and smaller seeds in the production of oil for example.

Gravity board

The gravity board helps to sort out the hemp shells and empty seeds from the produce. It’s a crucial process in our production to ensure the best quality and purity in our end products. We use it in the process for example to clean the hemp whole seeds to 99,9% and also when producing hulled hemp seeds.

Optical sorting

The optical sorter can recognise objects by color, size and shape. The sorter compares objects to user-defined accept/reject criteria to identify and remove defective pieces and foreign materials from the raw materials. This tool is the best choice to help achieve the highest purity possible.