Naturland certified hemp seeds

Estonia is known for being the 2nd biggest hemp grower in Europe. Nordic Hemp Cooperation, is located in Estonia and has the largest hemp seed de-hulling factory in all of Europe. Notably, we are certified under ISO 22000 and the Organic Label.

Adding to this list, we would like to mention our most recent certification, which we attained from a body that has been 40 years in the making – Naturland. Thanks to this certification we’re now able to offer Naturland certified hemp seeds.

Naturland certified hemp seeds
Naturland certified hemp seeds

Naturland is responsible for helping 140,000 farmers across 60 countries worldwide produce organic food. It was founded in Germany by a group of farmers and scientists who wanted to promote organic farming. While it became an internationally recognized organization in 1986, it has been regionally active in Germany since its establishment in 1982.

Naturland’s certification system is founded on the grounds of ISO/IEC 17065 standard documents. Their entire certification process is highly reliable and works on the idea of transparency. 

All the farmers and processors under Naturland’s cooperatives are thoroughly inspected annually. The process of assessment involves qualified third-party organizations which are regulated by Naturland. 

We are extremely proud to have received a Naturland certification and are now able to offer Naturland certified hemp seeds. The certification process is fairly straightforward. Let’s have a look at the finer details of the methodology followed by Naturland. 

Information Exchange

The first step to take for receiving accreditation as a Naturland farm is to contact them. Their associate will take as much information about your operation as possible. Once that is out of the way, they will provide further details regarding what you must do for certification. 

After gathering this knowledge through representatives, they will plan an on-site pre-evaluation of your factory. If they find the operation up to their standards, they will discuss the next steps for certification. 


The pre-evaluation phase is followed by a formal contract between Naturland and your organization. Typical contractual duties are that you must recognize their standards, work accordingly, and agree to regular visits for inspection.


Once the contract has been signed, there will be a sweeping appraisal of your work site by an independent body. The said body is responsible for verifying whether your working conditions and product quality meet Naturland’s standards. Then they will report back to Naturland with a complete overview of your site.


After inspection, the report submitted by the inspection committee is evaluated. Finally, a decision is made based on the evaluation. If the verdict is in your favor, then the next step is that you will receive your certification, officially declaring your organization a member of the Naturland Association for Organic Agriculture.

Naturland Branding

Upon successful certification, a sublicensing agreement will be created to grant you the right to use the Naturland trademark on your products. This is a separate contract between your organization and Naturland Zeichen GmbH. And voila! Now you can market your products under the Naturland brand. 

Needless to say, Nordic Hemp went through the same procedure for certification. Our associates made sure to guide them through our exact process and the special characteristics of our hemp products. This gave them a complete overview of everything that goes into our production process. 

Growing Estica hemp
A small overview of Estica growing in Estonia

A bit of history

Our now Naturland certified hemp seeds have been a prized possession for the whole operation since Nordic Hemp’s establishment. While we laid down roots in Estonia in 2017, our farmers have been growing hemp seeds for 15 years. More than 25% of the land in Estonia is organic, which makes us highly proficient in fulfilling our promises. 

The organization, Nordic Hemp Cooperation, is defined by its relentless pursuit to process the most organic, naturally grown hemp seeds. Hemp seeds are jam-packed with healthy, nutritious elements like protein, fiber, unsaturated fats, etc. They have also long been known for their healing properties. Some go so far as to call hemp seeds a superfood. 

We have been making hemp products since 2017, and the years have been exceptionally kind to us. Our primary aim is to provide people with the best hemp products while causing no waste whatsoever. We make it a point to keep our process completely environment-friendly

The five biggest hemp farmers in Estonia set out to build a state-of-the-art production facility in 2018. The Nordic Hemp factory is designed for effective sorting, dehulling, and oil pressing to make our products as good as possible. Furthermore, while producing 100% organic products, we ensure that our production process is free of waste generation.

Unique selling points

The unique selling points of our hemp products are that they contain extremely low amounts of THC and we’re responsible for the whole chain from growing until the end products. Here’s how we guarantee the quality of the hemp used in our products:

  • The fields used are tested by the government authorities for reliability to make sure there’s low THC content. 
  • Post-harvesting, the seeds are taken to our facility for pre-cleaning. 
  • Once cleaned and dried, the seeds are sent to the laboratory for testing.
  • If the analysis meets the quality demand, the batch is further processed for de-hulling. 
  • After de-hulling, the batch is tested all over again to ensure it’s high quality. 
Hemp from Estonia

As mentioned, the Nordic Hemp Cooperation has had the honor of receiving Naturland certification, which means we are now officially part of the largest estate of organic farmers worldwide. We are proud of the quality of the hemp we use for our products because of the extensive work that goes into ensuring its quality.

A Naturland certification implies that consumers can rest assured that they are receiving products that meet the social and ecological requirements established to maintain a certain standard of quality. 

The Naturland certification is one of the most cherished milestones in our journey. It operates on internationally recognized standards that guarantee the production of 100% organic products from fish to Naturland certified hemp seeds. All our products, from seed oil to press cakes, are made of organically grown hemp seeds. 

If you are interested in our products or have any questions, be sure to contact us!

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