Hemp presscake

Organic Hemp Cake

Hemp cake comes from pressing the oil out of hemp whole seeds. The solid part which is left from the pressing is called hemp seed cake. Hemp cake contains up to 35% protein.

The cake lends itself to being used as feed for animals that need to gain weight, get fit, produce more milk, have healthy siblings etc.. The cake is highly nutritious. Hemp cake is used for horses, cattle, pigs, cows, poultry and even with pets for example dogs. One of our customers uses it with cows, and the cows give significantly more milk when dosing the correct amount.

The product is also often being used in the market to make 30% protein powder or hemp flour. However, since it’s produced from hemp whole seeds, the seeds’ shells are bitter, rendering the end product equally so.

  • Product Description
    Hemp presscake is the dry matter that comes out after pressing hemp seeds into hemp oil
  • Ingredients statement
    Organic hemp presscake
  • Packaging
    1000 kg-1300 kg Big Bags
  • Storage conditions
    Keep cool and dry, protected from sunlight and away from walls
  • Shelf life
    Best before: 24 months since packaging
  • Variety
    Cannabis sativa – Estica, Finola
  • Labelling
    Product name, ingredients, net weight, lot number, best before date reference, organic logo, EOPC address and country of origin
  • Certification
    EU Organic grade EE-ÖKO-03
  • Food quality statements
    Vegan. Non-GMO. Ionizing radiation is not used at any stage of production.
  • EU compliance
    Product is in compliance with food law and EU regulations
  • Country of origin

Nutritional information of hemp cake

Energy2092 kJ / 500 kcal
Fat15,36 g
Dietary fiber34,27 g
Moisture6,5-8 %
Protein32 g
Sugars0,15 g (sucrose)
  • No pesticides
  • Certified organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Laboratory tested
  • Allergen free
  • Gluten free
  • No e.Coli
  • High plant based protein
  • 100% Vegan
  • Superfood

“We are responsible for the whole chain from growing hemp until our produce hits your table”

(the well-kept secret behind our outrageously high quality)


We test regularly. We actually even make the first tests of the soil where we plan to grow hemp. Laboratory tests are a daily routine for us, our main goal is to keep the quality as high as possible. That is the only way for us to have successful business relations with demanding customers like baby food manufacturer Hipp. Thanks to our strict quality assurance department, our customers are never disappointed; once we enter a business relationship, it’s unlikely to end because we’re the ones that continue to raise our standards beyond what our competition can offer.


More than 22% of the land in Estonia is organic. We hold fourth place in urban air quality in the world (we know how to care for our environment). Thanks to the clean fresh air and soil our farmers are able to grow the best quality hemp without breaking a sweat. Our farmers grow hemp in more than 4000 ha of land yearly, and keep increasing the size of the fields. Estonia is the 2nd largest hemp grower in Europe.

Raw materials

We are a co-operation of the biggest hemp farmers in Estonia. Since our
experienced farmers have been growing hemp for decades, we have the assurance of raw materials. Simply because they know what they’re doing. That makes our production plans much easier, and we don’t have to put a lot of effort in finding raw materials to process in our factory.

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