Taking care of wildlife

Christmas is the time of giving. 

As it’s custom to exchange small gifts, have a snack table or a feast at the office before Christmas, we decided to do something different this year.

As everyone are stuffing their bellies with different delicious meals, we decided to do something for the less fortunate. 

In the last few weeks there was one very big snow storm in Estonia and snowfall has been constant, which means there’s a lot of snow everywhere. As the weather goes warmer, the snow of course melts, but in darker places such as the forests, the snow doesn’t melt as easily. 

We started to think about the animals who live in the forest, and how can they get their food with these extreme conditions. Since it’s hard, we thought of a way to help them out a bit. 

In Estonia there are a lot of animals in the forest such as deer, moose, goats, bears, wolves, foxes, rabbits etc. Seeing such animals near a forest in our country is usual.

As we’re in the hemp seed business and as you know hemp seed is a superfood, we decided to take some of our products to the animals in the forest, to help them survive this years harsh winter.

As taking the food just to a forest and hoping it will reach the ones to whom it’s intended to is a bit naive, and you’ll probably will get a fine for littering 🙂 – we reached out to specialists, who have the know-how, and took the food where it will do some good.
(there’s a lot of regulation concerning this procedure to our surprise, but thankfully we got a bit of help)

As a result they shared some images of the happy animals who received our Christmas present which we gladly share now with you.

Merry Christmas, and maybe there’s something you can also do to help the ones in need!

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