Hemp workshop at European Parlament

The European Parlament Committee of Agriculture organized a workshop on “Hemp in the CAP reform” today in Brussels. 

Our CEO Ardi Oja was also invited to make a presentation on “Hemp cultivation and processing potentials and challenges”.

Lorenza, Monica, and Fransesco from EIHA, Marco Fugazza (UNCTAD) and our CEO Ardi in Brussels

The presentation included several interesting topics such as:

  • Hemp in Estonia
  • Our Cooperation
  • Hemp de-hulling process
  • Hemp as part of the Green Deal
  • Hemp potentials
  • Challenges

Hemp is still not widely known, which shows the need for such discussions. Big countries such as Canada, USA, China, Australia, Urugay etc. are investing more and more to build up their hemp industry as we have. 

Let’s not fall behind!

Several interesting facts, which were addressed:

  • Did you know that Europe has the most hemp-related companies compared to other continents? 
  • Is it really possible to grow hemp in almost every country in the world?
  • Hemp has the strongest plant based fibre in the world! (there are surviving examples of hemp cloth around 8000 BC)
  • Hemp has higher protein content than meat?

Check out the full presentation by Ardi Oja:

The full agenda with recordings is available -> here

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